Au Moulin d'Artiguedieu


au moulin d’artiguedieu

Au Moulin d'Artiguedieu

We are very happy to welcome you to the Moulin d’Artiguedieu !


Nadia is passionate about meeting people, travels and stories.

After spending more than 25 years traveling across Europe, she chose to settle down in this magical place conducive to serenity.

She decided to devote herself to welcoming her guests and ensuring their comfort.


David loves the formula stories he tells his students.

Passionate about his job as a teacher, he is also interested in mechanics, construction and inventions!

His big project: restore the mechanism of the watermill and build a micro-power station.

We love to listen to the permanent murmur of the water, chat around a fire and admire the thousands of stars at night.

As soon as we met, we knew that a project around water and hospitality would unite us.

It all starts with the announcement of a bungalow on the edge of a stream…The beginning of our adventure begins.

Here we go on motorcycles on the narrow  and sinuous roads of the Gers. Discovery of a first mill, fabulous !… then total disappointment!

Protected and guided, our stars led us to Seissan. And there we instantly felt in love with this magical place.

A nice meeting with its owner who entrusts us with the keys of the Artiguedieu mill.

Au Moulin d'Artiguedieu

Pudding, the Little Prince of the place.Curious and discreet, you will see him frolicking around and maybe he will talk to you?

Nadia et David

The family has recently grown with the arrival of Thai !

Au Moulin d'Artiguedieu

225 Avenue des Pyrénées
32260 Seissan

Tel : 06 20 67 61 78

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